About Tenryu-mura


Tenryū-Mura is a small village located in the southern most part of the Nagano Prefecture in Japan bordering the Aichi Prefecture and the Shizuoka Prefecture. As of 2018, the proportion of the population whose ages were 65 years and over was 60%, making it the second highest marginal municipality (areas where more the 50% of population is 65 years in age and above) in Japan facing the issue of depopulation. The current population as of 2019 is estimated to be 1,199 people (11 people/km2) and is expected to drop by 1/3 by the year 2040. 


Tenryū-Mura comprises of 3 districts: Hiraoka, Kanbara and Sakabe. It has a total area of roughly 109km2 and is covered by over 90% in mountains, forests and rivers, including the Tenryu river. 


The weather is characterized by hot, humid summers, reaching up to around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) in August, and cold winters, dropping as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) in January. 


Tenryu-Mura is home two public schools: one Elementary school and one Middle school located in the Hiraoka section of the Village. Additionally located in the Hiraoka section of the village is the Government Office, Hiraoka Train Station, Small Shopping Area, Post Office and various other temples and famous attractions. As there is limited access to shopping within village, most people travel an hour away to the city of Lida to satisfy their shopping needs.