2019 Projects: Group Project Introduction

As part of the GPS program, we are each required to hand in three “deliverables”,  out of which a maximum of two can be group projects. We (2019) decided to collaborate and have two group projects and one individual project each. Here, we will explain what our two group projects consist of and subsequent posts will explain each project in depth.

  • Project 1: Kid’s week
    • We organized activities for Tenryu Village’s elementary and middle schoolers during their summer school, which is held during summer vacations. Activities included watermelon breaking (スイカ割り) and a dance party
  • Project 2: GPS website
    • Since this is the first year that the program takes place, we took the task of designing and creating content for the GPS website. We are still working on it and will be something that will change as new people take part in the program.