Chokyu Sushi

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Internship Partner: Chokyu Sushi

Description: Chokyu Sushi is a local sushi shop located in a quiet neighborhood in Mitaka.

Level of Japanese: Intermediate

Typical Day: A work day usually starts with the intern helping to prepare the sushi rice. The owner, Mr. Okada, teaches the intern how to shape the sushi and cut the fish, as well as all the names of the fish in Japanese! The intern will greet the customers when they enter the restaurant, and bring them their chopsticks, soy sauce plate, and hand cloth. Sometimes the interns will bring customers food and drink, but they’ll never serve the sushi they made themselves-that’s for the interns to eat themselves!

Address:〒181-0013 Tōkyō-to, Mitaka-shi, Shimorenjaku, 9 Chome−5−1

Schedule: Interns usually work one night a week for approximately 3 hours.


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